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5 Spring Break Reads

By Amanda Dycus

I don’t know about you, but summer has always been my favorite season. There’s just something freeing about it; everyone gets a little more reckless in the summer! I’m looking forward to spending all this extra time and energy reading books that aren’t for school, and soaking in the blazing Texas sun.

Here are five picks that I’ll be stretching out in a hammock with:

What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

This book is quickly becoming the next big thriller. We’re so excited we predicted the hype and chose it for our box last December! When a mother loses her son on a seemingly ordinary day, her world is thrust into the limelight as the police­ and us readers­ try to put together what happened. It’s a complex mystery with an intriguing cast of characters­­, but maybe don’t read it at night.

The Ribbons are for Fearlessness: My Journey from Norway to Portugal beneath the Midnight Sun by Catrina Davies

If you aren’t able to get away from home this summer, take a mini staycation within the pages of this book. Davies packs up her belongings and buses around Europe after a period of suffering and loss; she loses herself and finds herself across multiple countries and chapters. It’s also greatly inspired by music for all you musicians out there!

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Our March YA pick is the perfect fantasy novel to sweep you away while lounging on the sands of a beach! Magic, mythical beasts, and a rebellious female protagonist will draw you in until you’re counting down the days for the sequel.

The Visitors by Simon Sylvester

The descriptions of the Scottish island where this novel takes place will make you feel as if you’re there, and the mystery it constructs will have your heart racing. When the men on the island start disappearing, and a body is discovered, the townspeople place the blame upon the unsettling newcomers that Flora, the novel’s protagonist, has befriended. If you love mythology and a few twists, this book is for you!

Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Summer weddings are a classic, and this book from our April box will get you in the mood for them! Maddie, the main character, is lovable from the first page, and Kelk will make you laugh out loud many times. She delves into relationships of all kinds in a relatable and fun way; this is the perfect beach read!

These five reads would be perfect to pack when you’re jetting off to the beach, a bustling city, a camping trip­­, or wherever this summer takes you. Enjoy your summer and have fun reading!

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